NOTICE: Open trench at HOA pond ** Delayed**

UPDATE: 1-27-17 Howdy all – you may have noticed that the trench was NOT dug today due to a problem with the equipment. When it’s back on the schedule I’ll let you know.

The contractor is beginning repair work at the HOA pond/berm. On Friday morning there will be an open trench starting just west of the dam and continuing east along the length of the berm on the north side of the pond. The contractor anticipates that it will be closed in again by Saturday evening. The contractor has requested that residents keep away from these areas until the work is completed. Also, please be sure to pass this information on to all members of your household.


Thanks to everybody who made it to the meeting, your attendance and input are appreciated. The 2016 Financial Report and 2017 Budget are attached. I will add the meeting minutes shortly.

The Annual Assessment notices were sent via US Mail on January 24, they should be arriving in your mailboxes shortly. The payment due date is February 10, 2017. You can mail a check with the return envelope provided or send payment via your bank’s bill pay service if you prefer. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THAT YOU PLACE PAYMENTS DIRECTLY IN OUR MAILBOX – postal service delivery times have varied a great deal lately. I usually send a confirmation via email when I receive your payment.

-Missy Gudal


2017 Annual Meeting

It’s that time again……….

Date: Tuesday, Jan 17, 2017
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: 8113 Plum Creek Trail (follow the flagstone sidewalk at the right side of the house, it will lead you to the basement door).

The members will need to elect a Director since Dean Johnson’s term is expiring. Dean is willing to serve again, nominations from the floor will be accepted if anyone else would be interested in serving (3 year term).

**********************Please plan to attend so that we will have a Quorum.********************

Burning Daylight Vineyards Update

Update from Burning Daylight Vineyards (Dave and Missy Gudal):

It’s hard to believe another harvest season is here! The vines broke bud a little early this spring and grew like crazy with all the spring rains, we’ve certainly had our hands full keeping up with them. Fortunately the rains finally quit so we are able to control the water which means that the vines will spend energy on ripening their fruit and not on excessive new growth.

If you helped us pick the Cabernet Franc in 2014 you quite literally picked a winner – we are thrilled to report that in March it won a gold medal at the Texsom International Wine Awards in Dallas (formerly the Dallas Morning News competition) and in June it won a bronze medal at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition! Unfortunately it has sold out at Lost Oak Winery in Burleson, but if you are going to Fredericksburg they reportedly have it at 4.0 Cellars (see their website at The 2015 Cabernet Franc has just been released for sale at Lost Oak Winery in Burleson (or at – we haven’t had a chance to get our hands on any yet :0 They also have our 2015 Sauvignon Blanc and Quartet – a fruitier white wine blend which has our Malvasia Bianca and Vermentino grapes in it – very similar to the Quintet from 2014.

2016 Annual Meeting

Please join us for the Annual Meeting on Tuesday, Jan 12 at 7:00 pm.

WE WILL BE MEETING INDOORS again this year, to avoid suffering through any cold weather :)

Location: In the basement at 8113 Plum Creek Trail (Dave & Missy Gudal). Just follow the flagstone sidewalk at the right side of the house, it will lead you to the lower patio and the basement door.

PLEASE PLAN TO ATTEND so that we will have a Quorum.

May 6 Meeting Summary

A summary of Wednesday night’s meeting is attached (see link below), thanks to all who attended. The Gate Committee was tasked with determining a layout and investigating technology options and costs and their efforts are greatly appreciated.

An entry gate will require a financial investment but also a commitment of time and energy. While much of the technology can be outsourced, even the top-tier packages cannot provide a person on-site around the clock to unlock the gate in case of malfunction or damage therefore it is imperative that we have a team of people willing to take on this task before any further action is taken.

The initial Gate Response Team (GRT) will consist of 3 members for a term of 2 years. If more than 3 members volunteer the term length may be adjusted. It was mentioned on Wednesday night that a phone number could be set up for the GRT that would ring the team members’ phones; this would allow the phone number to remain constant when the team members change and also provide some privacy for the members. For those who travel frequently but would be willing to serve you could be placed on a team with those who have a more consistent schedule. Please email [email protected] if you are willing to be on the team.

Once the GRT has been formed, the Gate Committee will make final technology, cost and policy recommendations to the Board, and a Special Meeting will be scheduled and announced to vote on the required Special Assessment. If no responses are received and the GRT cannot be formed by May 29, 2015 no further action will be taken.